Second place also in the Rally TIF for Alygizakis- Hatzidakis

Another second place, the third in a row for this year, was the result of the effort of the i-race crew at the 54th Rally TIF which was conducted with Oreokastro as its center. The weather conditions were the protagonist, as they played a decisive role in the development of the match for Lefteris Alygizakis- Michalis Hatzidakis: “A wrong choice of tires ruined our race”, the driver initially said and continued: “We chose dry tires for the first special stage, since it had not rained all night and we were informed that the road was dry. Nevertheless, our choice turned out to be wrong, since the the stage was having lot of humidity and it had already started to drizzle” The i-race duo lost almost a minute and together every hope of claiming victory, which in fact seemed an extremely difficult case: “In the second stage, things went a little better for us, since we placed in our car the two reserves we had chosen for intermediate conditions”, were the words of Lefteris Alygizakis who now aimed second place.

The next special stages were wet so the choice of tires was one way for Alygizakis-Hatzidakis: “We entered the last 3 special stages of the Rally TIF with rainy tires. and without having any hopes for anything better than the second place, we looked to enjoy it “, said the driver from Rethymno and closed by saying: “From this race we keep the positives and we continue! We are satisfied with the fact that with the points of the second place we remained alive in the battle of the championship and we will have the opportunity to fight in the last race of the year in December “

On the side of the i-race crew are the import spare parts company in Rethymno Provias, Total Hellas lubricants through the exclusive representative in Crete, Mr. Provia, the company Anysma that offers technology services, the company E. Aivaliotis and the tire store Psistakis.

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