Install Tutorial RBRTM Czech

Here we will see how we perform an installation on our computer, of the Czech plugin.
First we install the original RBR together with the official patch (1.01 & 1.02).
ATTENTION! the installation must be done EXCEPT program files, but in a new folder on the hard drive. We suggest creating a games folder for example and in it a new Richard Burns Rally folder, where the installation will take place. In any case DO NOT install on the following paths:
– C: \ Program Files \
– C: \ Program Files (x86) \
– C: \ Users \ Account Name \
– C: \ Program
The installation will ask us to run some directX files, which we must run and in addition to download and run the DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010)
After the installation is complete the game should start (ie open it), always from RichardBurnsRally_SSE.exe which is located in the folder we have installed and which we can also put as a desktop shortcut.
Remember here, that by right-clicking on exe - properties we go and give the command to run the program as administrator and also it is recommended the RichardBurnsRally_SSE.exe and all the following, to exclude them from blocking in the windows firewall.
From here, things get trickier, and this is where the true RBRTM program comes in!

RBRCIT (This is a tool, made by a greek man (Zisakos) with which we can handle cars, physics and sounds. After downloading the latest version, we extract it and select installation, of course in the folder where we have installed the game.

RBRTM installation: 
You must first register at
We suggest that the registration be done first with the surname and then with the first letter of the name in capital letters, ALWAYS in Latin.
Then download the plugin
If you use Chrome you can download it here
In any case BEFORE downloading and BEFORE installing it, antivirus must be disabled etc. The installation must be done in the game folder of course
The plugin after installation is located at Options → Plugins → RBR Tournament and we should check if the following 2 lines are completed, which are our codes in the Czech forum. If they are not completed, we fill them in as follows. For example mine is like (MALLIS George) AutoLoginPassword = password123456789 (the password you also stated in the Czech forum)

Special Stages: 
We download them from here  or alternatively as a "package" from here  (last update 26.07.2021). It is the LAST update (they update 3-4 times per year) and it has ALL the special stages.
To unzip the files you will download you must have 7z and download it from here . Alternatively you can decompress with winrar BUT you must have the latest version of the application.
To be able to find the latest updated version of the Special Stages (track pack) visit there . After the installation of the special stages is completed, we enter the game and in Shakedown mode we check that they have been installed. But we must also check that the Special Stages are installed correctly and nothing is missing so we go here Addons → Tracks Check tool through the game and if everything is correct, we will see 0 errors! In case of a problem, with the number ID of the Special Stage that will show an error, we proceed to reinstall it and check again.
Once everything is COMPLETED and you are ready or ALMOST ready to enjoy the favorite simulation rally of ALL time in the RBRCZ environment. All you have left are your device settings and the other settings (if needed) of some files, such as fixup.ini, which you can refer to “Troubleshooting”  and with the detailed instructions to complete your installation. Useful Video (but with previous versions of the plugin since it is from 2020), you can see here

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