Install Tutorial RallySimFans HU

Here we will see how we perform an installation on our computer, HU plugin.
Rallysimfans installer includes the original base game with two official patches and every essential plugin to get you started.

● NGPcarmenu by Mika-n: various UI improvements and customization options
● Fixup and NGP by Workerbee: Up-to-date physics and general game features
● Pacenote Plugin by Workerbee: allows you to edit pacenotes and camera settings
● RBR_RX by JHarro: enables the usage of tracks created with BTB (Bob’s Track Builder)
● Gauger plugin by V317MT: ingame dashboard/telemetry thing

Very short for the people who can’t be bothered to read this whole document properly or believe they can do without, here is what you need to do:

1. Download installer at
2. Make a driver account at the website
3. Run the installer and choose what you want for
a. Base game (essential, never leave this unchecked)
b. Plugins (all are recommended)
c. Stages (choose less if you don’t have enough disk space)
d. Additional options on the next page
4. Run the game from RichardBurnsRally_SSE.exe
5. Drive in the plugin (Online rally, Hotlap rank, Practice)

How to install:
First of all, you will not need an existing base game or anything else. If you have an existing (CZ) install don’t even think about trying to install RSF plugin to the same folder. There are two ways for download content: the normal installer and the torrent (for experienced PC users, see the end of this document.)

Go to and find the newest installer .exe on the front page. First thing the installer will ask is where to install. Do not install into the following locations:

C: \Program Files\
C:\Program Files (x86)\
C:\Users\Your name\

NOTE: many antivirus programs are falsely detecting and quarantining some of the files. Make sure your antivirus programs are disabled before continuing further.

● Create a folder called “Richard Burns Rally HU” or similar.
● Select full installation

The download size is about 13 GB. When extracted, the game takes about 80-85 GB of space. Make sure you have enough space on the drive you’re installing to. Most of the size comes from the ~380 or so modded stages so if you just want to try the game first without all content, feel free to leave most of the Maps out of the install. The vanilla game tracks are still some of the best, and good enough for the average once-a-week player. They are included with the base game so even if you decide to leave all Maps out from the install, you will still have about 40 stages.

Installation Type Download Size Exctracted Size
Minimal Install (Base Game) <2GB 4GB
Only original stages and modded cars+physics+sounds <3GB 10GB
Everything (recommended) 13 - 14 GB 85 - 90 GB

Do not choose the Hungarian pacenote options if you do not speak Hungarian, that has caused a lot of confusion for players. Choose the “Original English navigator sound” and you can always change it later for a more advanced one from outside the installer.

On the next “additional tasks” page, it is recommended to check every single checkbox except the Adaptive Force Feedback (known to cause FPS issues). Make sure to scroll down to check the DirectX installation as for some reason it is not checked by default and is very important to have.

Click next and it will take you to a summary page. If you’re happy with the settings, click install. Now, the installer is known to occasionally freeze for an undetermined amount of time depending on the server load. If it does, keep calm and wait. It will continue automatically when the queue clears up.

If you’ve done everything correctly, you should now have a working RBR Rallysimfans install. First you should run the Rallysimfans_NGP_switcher.exe to choose and update the physics. Choose the first option (NGP6) in the Switcher. Now you are ready to run the  game from RichardBurnsRally_SSE.exe

NOTE: If your game doesn’t start even after that, you will need to
1) Run it as an administrator
2) Add it to DEP exceptions (Troubleshooting: RBR doesn't launch at all...)
This step will solve about 99% or launching problems. If it doesn’t, there is something very major wrong with the installation

Inside RBR:
When you start RBR for the first time, it should skip some of the original menus to the rallysimfans plugin straight away. If it doesn’t and you see the main menu, navigate to Options -> Plugins -> to play the game. The traditional Quick Rally, Rally School and Rally Season game modes are NOT playable without little tweaks we’re not gonna explain in this tutorial.

Now, there are three game modes in RSF: Online Rally, Time Trial (Hotlap rank) and Practice. They are pretty much self explanatory, so we’ll not go deeper with this topic.

One of the main features in RSF that is superior to any RBR mod in the past is the car management. In RSF, all cars (as of right now there are 85 NGP6 physics cars) are always available without restarting the game. The traditional RBR 8 “car slots” can be forgotten forever. One feature not many people realise at first is that on the stage and car selections, you can press enter to get to the bigger selection screen, instead of scrolling  through them one by one.
Cars, physics, sounds and default setups are downloaded from the server automatically when you enter a stage for the first time with said car. One thing that might annoy some people is the low quality of default car liveries. This is an intentional feature to speed up the car download. You are free to download better skins from the internet  (GR Skins click here) or make your own.

NOTE: Useful tip for users with an existing CZ installation, you can copy and paste the whole Cars folder to HU installation. This way you don’t have to set camera angles and skins again.
You do not need RBRCIT or any other external car installation tools with RSF.

Control bindings should be done from the main menu/options/controls page. Navigate to the main menu by pressing ESC when you are in plugin. If you do them when on stage, they might not be saved properly. If you see the control axis of throttle/brake/clutch/handbrake is inverted, find input.ini in the main folder and change the axis value from false to true. Once you are happy with the control bindings, back out to the main menu and the game will ask you to save the profile.

Most common settings options:
The most common settings you might need to tweak are located in RBRHU/Plugins/Fixup.ini and RBRHU/richardburnsrally.ini. See the Fixup documentation for more explanations. In RichardBurnsRally.ini you find resolution settings XRes and Yres that you’ll need to tweak if you want to run triple screens for example. There are also a few graphics settings that you can tweak lower for better FPS performance.
Read more at Troubleshooting (Settings explanations for richardburnsrally.ini & Settings explanations for Fixup.ini)

How to register to race online:
● Go to the website of the plugin ( and click register. You will be guided to the forum. It’s Hungarian by default but you can change it to English in the top right corner.
● Agree the terms and conditions.
● Fill in the required things (your username, an email address and your password) and submit.
● You will receive an email where you can activate your account.

Once this is complete, you can now open the game and go to either “online rally” or “hotlap” where it will ask you for a username and a password. These are the same ones you filled in while registering. Enter those and you are good to go. If you want to automatically log in, be sure to go to > options > Plugins > > Options > Tick the box that says “Auto login”.

How to update your installation:
One of the greatest features of RSF is that all updates regarding cars, physics and sounds are automatic. For these, you don’t have to do anything. For larger plugin updates such as when new features or new stages are released, they will publish a new installer. Run that like you did when you installed the game and choose “update installation” on the first page. It should automatically have the checkbox marked on all new content, but you should take a look yourself.
IMPORTANT! After a new installer, if the game does not start: there is an easy solution: some people always have to run the NGP switcher before the game starts.

To be more clear, RSF may have two kinds of updates and this is how those are updated:

(1) Rallysimfans or other "must-have" plugin updates. There is no need to run installer to update these. All it takes is to start RBR business as usual and RSF will automatically update required plugins if necessary (top left corner shows a small downloading window). The newest update released (dated 2021.03.20) on rsf web site is this kind of update. After the automated update RSF main menu should show " Rallysimfans NGP: 0.50.4062" version tag as mentioned on the web site. Also, new FMOD audio files or cars are also automatically updated by RSF plugin, so no need to manually download those via installer.

(2) New maps. This one requires to run the RSF installer app because RSF plugin doesn't download maps automatically. If there is no new RSF installer version then simply re-run the one you already have (or if in doubt then check the web site and download the latest rsf installer). (reminder: but I agree that the RSF web page with a download link could explain this more clearly.
Also it should mention what to do if RBR seems to get stuck in "updating" loop. It is some weird bug with file permissions. The solution is to run Rallysimfans_NGP_Switcher or to delete rsfdata/ file via FileExplorer. If rsf auto-updater fails to overwrite existing rsfdata/ file then RBR may end up in updating-loop).

Torrent install (optional) (use at high server load situations):
At times the installer server may be overloaded due to high amount of new people trying to download at the same time, as happened when Jimmy Broadbent released his video about the game. For these situations, it is a lot easier to download the game via torrent package.

● Search for the most recent torrent link on the
● add it into your torrent client (anything should work)
● download the torrent (includes all stages and base game files)
● The torrent creates a folder “Richard Burns Rally HU” with a lot of .7z files inside.
Do not extract them yourself.
● Move that folder where you want to install the game, other than the locations mentioned above.
The torrent downloads reduces load on the RSF servers massively and lets you get the game running faster. Now you need to run the installer and continue as guided.

Rallysimfans install guide 2021. By mufcAleksi, TheLastCrusader και Mika-n 
Adaptation: Vasilis "vaspan" Panagopoulos