Jourdan Serderidis is the third fastest Greek in the EKO Rally Acropolis!

In the third place among the Greek crews, Jourdan Serderidis finished in the EKO Rally Acropolis that after an absence of eight years, returned to the WRC. For the occasion, the holder of the WRC Trophy in 2017 drove a Ford Fiesta WRC with the Greek flag standing out on its hood, while next to him sat his permanent co-driver in recent years, Frederic Miclotte.

After 292 racing kilometers on dry and muddy special routes, Iordanis Serderidis reached the finish at the Panhellenic Exhibition of Lamia in 22nd place overall, being satisfied with the pace that followed: «For our national race, we decided to use a state-of-the-art technology Ford Fiesta WRC, which we last drove in 2018. In order to familiarize ourselves more and prepare properly for the Acropolis Rally did a series of tests, which paid off. On Friday we drove thoughtfully, in order to learn more about the car and especially to avoid the stones that were in some places in the second passage from Agioi Theodoroi», said the driver and continued: «For the next two days we were first on the road, something that made it difficult for us, however we are happy with our performance in Gravia and Eleftherochori»

In a race that gathered 15 Greek crews, Jourdan Serderidis finished in third place among them: «We knew we could not compete with professional drivers, so our target was to stand out among the Greek crews. We are not happy with the result, however, as we were aiming for the first Greek position. In two cases, virtual times were given, which I think wrong us in relation to the other crews. The difference of just 10 seconds from the fastest Greek leaves us with a bitterness, however it makes us stubborn for next year», said the Kavaliotis driver.

Throughout the race, the special stages were flooded with thousands of people who were “thirsty” for the Acropolis Rally: «Having raced in previous Acropolis that counted in the European Championship, I knew that the Greek spectators are thousands and quite enthusiastic. In this year’s race, however, I was impressed by the crowd that was on the mountain and I confirmed that they are the best fans. I thank them!», were the words of Serderidis.

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