VE2 Rally Team- EKO Acropolis Rally- Happy that we participated in the celebration!

The crew of VE2 Rally Team with Vassilis and Giannis Velanis in the buckets of Skoda Fabia Rally2 Evo successfully completed the EKO Rally Acropolis! Without facing any problems during the four-day race, he moved fast, finishing in third place among the Greeks in the RC2 category and in the sixth place of the WRC3 championship

«Finishing the EKO Rally Acropolis was a challenge for us», were the first words of the driver after the finish, who continued: «It was a race that had it all! Dust, mud, rain in some parts of it, a fact that required you to have correct notes, to be properly prepared and quite careful. Thanks to the valuable help of my co-driver, Giannis Velanis, and his guidance of VE2 Rally Team manager Robert Nachmia we managed to get out of the 15 special stages of the rally unscathed and to climb the finish ramp on Sunday».

Although the team’s primary target was to finish and make a decent appearance in the ninth round of the World Rally Championship, the final result rewarded the crew with more effort: «Our purpose was to enjoy our participation and do all competitive kilometers of the rally. We did it! The third place among the Greek crews in the category RC2 and 6th place inWRC3 makes us very happy and acts as a reward for our efforts»

The crew drove for the first time in race a Skoda Fabia Rally2 Evo, of the Hungarian ToppCars Rallye Team, which proved to be reliable: «I have to say a big thank you to our team, who brought a perfectly prepared car, which fully coped with the adversities of the EKO Rally Acropolis. Really, the latest evolution Skoda proved “Top” and we enjoyed it!», said the team driver who stated regarding

with the thousands of spectators found on the special stages: «There were a lot of people both on the special stages and on the regular ones where the race passed. It was quite moving to see people of all ages applauding you. These moments will remain unforgettable! » while he did not fail to give praise to the other Greek crews that participated in the race: «Congratulations to all the Greek and Cypriot crews who participated in the Acropolis Rally and offered a spectacle to the world. The competition between us in the special stages was very nice and helps us to become even better».

TheVE2 Rally Team wants to thank all those who helped make the participation of Vassilis and Giannis Velanis in the EKO Rally Acropolis a reality: The companies Singer, Step Logomats, Serkova, Technohull, Ergorom, Rombiz who supported our effort, the ubiquitous manager of the team Robert Nachmia who provided immediate solutions to any problem that arose. Thanos Ziozias and MBranding for the special “livery” of our race car, Rallypixels for the “magic” photos, Mylos in Galaxidi where our participation was presented, the Ganymede Hotel in Galaxidi for the wonderful hospitality and Massage Therapist Sofianos Bourtzonis. We especially thank 4troxoi magazine and Cosmote TVfor the promotion of our effort, as well as all the Media that turned their spotlight on our team. It would be our omission not to personally thankPanos Hatzitsopanis, Nikos Pavlidis, Nikos Petropoulos, Thymios Hatzigiannis and Fotis Tsoumagias for their valuable help at all levels.

The Acropolis Rally of the World Rally Championship filled us with experiences and emotions and we look forward to returning next year!

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