VE2 Rally Team- EKO Rally Acropolis- Just before the start

The “present” at the EKO Rally Acropolis, in one of the most famous and historic races of the World Rally Championship, is given again this year by the VE2 Rally Team. With a crew of Vasilios and Ioannis Velanis and a properly prepared Skoda Fabia Rally2 Evo car, the team will throw themselves into the “battle” against the clock on the four days from September 8 to 11.

In order to cope with the difficulties of the race, the duo of the team had the opportunity to carry out tests with the Skoda Fabia Rally2 Evo, both outside Greece and on a route close to the race, with driver Vasilios Velanis stating:“We did a series of tests with the car to re-acquaint ourselves with it, having been out of the bucket for almost 12 months. Bearing in mind the data from last year’s participation in the Acropolis Rally, we worked a lot on setting up the car, so that it performs at its best on the Greek soil. At the same time, I focused on my driving style, where with proper guidance I was able to move faster”

This year’s EKO Rally Acropolis is expected to be even tougher and more demanding than last year, with the driver, two-time Greek Champion in History declaring: “ Friday in particular is quite demanding, as you have to face six tests, without service. You have to be focused enough and listen carefully to your co-driver to avoid a mistake, which can put you out of the race very early. We are also competing on new routes compared to last year, such as that of Livadia and Dafni, which increases the degree of difficulty

Regarding the goal of the VE2Rally Team crew, the driver said: “Our goal is to move nimbly, without problems and finish as high as possible in the general classification and by extension in the WRC2 category, in which we participate. It is important that the race attracted 20 Greek crews this year. We are certainly interested in distinguishing ourselves among the Greeks and we will pursue it. This year, we are better prepared than last year. With our experience from last year’s race as an ally, we changed the way we wrote, we got a better recognition car and I believe that if we drive mentally and carefully, we will do well”

The Acropolis Rally consists of 16 special routes and 303 racing kilometers. The action begins on the evening of Thursday, September 8 with the holding of the Hyperspecial route in OAKA and continues for the next three days in the prefectures of Corinthia, Boeotia, Fthiotida, Fokida and Evrytania.

Sponsors of this year’s effort are Singer, Toyotomi, Wakey Wakey, Jaw Burger, Technohull and Serkova. On the team’s side will also be Ergorom, Cosmote TV, 4Trochoi and

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