SimLab Push-Pull Rally Shifter The feeling, the immersion we say in Greek, is a very serious factor in simracing for my opinion. I have been looking for a long time to buy a Push-Pull shifter that would give me the feeling of an era very important in the history of the WRC rallycars since 2002 [...]

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I’ve been looking to upgrade the rig for a while now and one of the things I want to change is the parking brake. Although at first I intended to take the push-pull shifter of Sim-Lab, unfortunately it was sold out so i got the handbrake. A change that had to be made and the

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For some time now, seeing new companies entering the simracing market, I decided that I should make an upgrade. So I made the big decision to go to something different and not Fanatec. Difficult decision as I have spent a lot of money on this company in recent years. At first I was interested in

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After 3 years now I have reached my rig to a very good point for my standars and I just enjoy for hours all that sim racing and simulation gaming can offer you in general. After the latest upgrades and several hours of play it’s time to tell you my impressions.

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After several upgrades that I have done lately I decided to upgrade to the most important part of the simracing which is the pedal box and more specifically the brake pedal .. Heusinkveld Sprint was one way as prices then go far enough. In addition to the Heusinkveld software that you can change the settings,

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