Sim Racing RIG Review

After 3 years now I have reached my rig to a very good point for my standars and I just enjoy for hours all that sim racing and simulation gaming can offer you in general. After the latest upgrades and several hours of play it’s time to tell you my impressions.

The cockpit is the Simlab GT1 EVO, incredibly robust and allows you to adjust everything to your measurements. I think the price is very good for what it offers you as the P1-X is very expensive. The disadvantage is that you have to watch videos on YouTube to make it and not from the company and the plastic protectors on the joints fall off very easily. I was also negative impressed by the fact that the base of the GT1 EVO is so large and has holes everywhere for most if not all of the pedals except the base of the Heusinkveld. Fortunately, the pedals can be inserted without the base.

Now about the Heusinkveld Sprint pedals, what can I say? Absolutely perfect! What everyone says that a good pedal and especially the brake can make you faster and more stable is 100% true! Even I, who do not set fire to the timers, saw the difference from the first moment. And you do not even have to compare times, you understand it from the very first kilometers. The brake itself makes you brake more deep without blocking the wheels and the accelerator to press it earlier so that you do not look at the road through the doors (if it is rear wheel drive). The big positive is that you can adjust the hardness, the range and the position that suits you on all pedals.

The last major upgrade I made was the steering wheel and more specifically the base. I was the owner of CSL Elite and I always had in my mind at some point to go to a direct drive and specifically to Simucube as everywhere I saw that they are better than DD1 and DD2. But because I have everything from Fanatec the cost would be huge. But when the email came for the first orders CSL DD I made the order without a second thought (8nm). I personally believe that the smallest in DD power is the future as belt technology is slowly passing into history. With the DD I now have more information on the steering wheel from the road feel and the behavior of the car. The big foul of Fanatec, however, is that when you buy a base, it does not give you the screws to put it in the cockpit. Something that if I am not mistaken applies to the biggest DDs of the company and it is really a disappointment to give so much money and then look for screws!