Alygizakis-Hatzidakis participate in the TIF Rally!

The irace crew will take part in a renewed race with new special stages on Saturday, October 9. With the well-known Skoda Fabia R5, Lefteris Alygizakis-Michalis Hatzidakis will be thrown into the battle of the TIF Rally, which focuses on Oreokastro. The race, one of the most historic in our country includes a total of five special routes, Melissochori which is held three times and Lahanas which will be held twice.

This year’s TIF Rally has a completely different design compared to recent years, which is a challenge for the 44 crews that participated: “At first glance, the stages are quite fast, which makes the race dangerous, especially if it rains. Of course, after the recce we will have a better view of the stages“, Were the words of Lefteris Alygizakis regarding the drawing of the rally, who continued:” At the same time, lot of kilometers between the stages is something that will make us tired. In general, we are not satisfied with this year’s design. It is a pity that classic stages of Halkidiki were not included in this year’s race

The Tarmac Champions may be absent in recent years, but the i-race duo has to face two R5 cars, with one of them being driven by the two-time Greek Champion, Socrates Tsolakidis: “The race has a clear favorite. We will participate in order to cover racing kilometers, to improve our times and to learn even better the Skoda Fabia R5. We will definitely push for the victory and we hope for a positive result in Thessaloniki “, said the driver and added:”The race looks rainy, so the choice of tires will be a “puzzle”. Rain can always play a catalytic role in a race, as a wrong choice of tires or a driving mistake can make a big difference

Just two weeks after the Rally of Crete, the Greek Tarmac Rally Championship continues in Northern Greece, with Lefteris Alygizakis expressing his dissatisfaction with this year’s calendar: “I would like to refer to the very short period of preparation that we have at our disposal between the two races as two weeks ago it was that of Crete. It would be good the championship races not to be so short in time, so that the competitors are properly prepared. If I put it down to logic, we should not participate either. Fortunately, some people have been found who believe in us and support us. We also wanted to support the effort made by the club of Thessaloniki to upgrade this historic race. We in Crete are making a similar effort and we understand how important it is for crews from all over Greece to support your race. ” , said the driver of the i-race.

On the side of the i race crew, are the import spare parts company in Rethymno Provias, the Total Hellas lubricants through the exclusive representative in Crete, Mr. Provia, the technology services company Anysma, the company E. Aivaliotis as well as the Psistakis tire shop.

This year’s 54th TIF Rally will take place on Saturday, October 9, and includes 5 special stages, 80 kilometers long.

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