🇩🇪Nürburgring 24h Qualifying Race 2 through the lens.

Last weekend I had in mind the SPA six-hour race for the WEC and to see Sébastien Ogier for the first time on the track. Finally, I couldn’t go and so I decided after a year to go again to Germany at the Nordschleife and specifically for the second race of the qualifying for the twenty-four hour race that is at the end of the month.

At last are people on the track and with ally the good weather I took my walk in the first kilometers of green hell. I started just before the first big straight at an incredible point one meter from the barriers. Unbelievable how close the racing cars are in the first rounds, passing in front of you one after the other. Also, the difference between what we play in video games and what you see up close is huge.

After a few laps the big category has started to get confused with the smaller ones and the marshalls’ hands are on fire holding the blue flags. In the event of an accident, an ambulance and a crane enter the track but the race continues with the racing cars overtaking them normally but only from the left to avoid an accident and of course at a reduced speed.

The three hours passed quickly and I am in the first turn after leaving the GP track. Nice spot that you can see a bit of the classic Nurburgring track and a good opportunity for panning. Nice Sunday walk but every time I say get only chairs, parasol and fridge with food I end up carrying cameras and looking for good spots.