WRC 2023 – Jourdan Serderidis – Monte Carlo Rally – Day 2 – Signs of improvement

The duo of Jourdan Serderidis-Fred Miclotte presented a clearly improved image on the second day of the Monte Carlo Rally after their bad start in Thursday’s specials. He moved up several places in the rankings without however reaching the performance levels he would have liked.

“After the very bad night we had on Thursday, at least we enjoyed driving in Friday’s specials. In daylight I feel much better behind its wheel Puma Rally 1. We didn’t face any problems and we are slowly trying to raise our pace” said Serderidis, who wants to regain his lost confidence.

“It is a fact that we are not where we would like to be and we are far from the goals we set before the launch. Nevertheless we will continue to try to find a better feeling with Ford Puma Rally1 in the very demanding special stages of the Monte Carlo Rally. Every racing kilometer is also a lesson for us in our effort to learn the car better and improve our times. In any case, we’re having fun, and that’s why we’re running the race.” were the words of the Greek driver after the completion of the special leg. The effort of Iordanis Serderidis continues on Saturday, where the Puma with the Greek flag in the sky will start first on the special routes. The leg schedule includes 6 special stages and 112 racing kilometers, with the crews not having the luxury of an intermediate service at midday on Saturday. Follow the progress of Jourdan Serderidis in the Monte Carlo Rally through the driver’s personal page atfacebook: https://www.facebook.com/Serderidisrallyfans

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