In the Greek battle of the Acropolis, Jourdan Serderidis is present!

Jourdan Serderidis, who drives the beastly Ford Fiesta WRC for the first time on Greece, continues his effort in the EKO Rally Acropolis, the ninth round of the World Rally Championship and is heading to the finish!
Under the guidance of the experienced Frederic Miclotte from the right bucket, Jourdan Serderidis started the leg on Saturday, having in mind to maintain the second place among the Greeks and of course to have a trouble-free day: “The second leg included beautiful special stages in Central Greece. Fortunately, despite the rains that fell in the area last week, the stages had dried up for the most part, so that was a good thing” ,said the WRC Trophy holder in 2017 and continued: “Unfortunately the starting position did not favor us enough to push and win places in the standings. The important thing, of course, is that we did not face any problems in the six stages of the day. We are now in third place in the informal ranking among the Greeks and our goal in the third and last leg of the race is to move up one place, as our difference is less than 4 seconds


The Kavaliotis driver was impressed by the large attendance of spectators on Saturday’s stages: «I did not expect to see so many people! I was surprised by the thousands of friends of the Acropolis Rally who filled the mountains. This gives us strength to keep going and makes us proud»

Sunday includes the last three special stages of the race, with the crews making two passes from Tarzan and one from the Pyrgos. The finish will be held at the Panhellenic Exhibition of Lamia at 14.15.

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