Fanatec CSL DD unboxing!!!

The installation of the base and drivers was easy and simple.
With only half an hour of playing at ACC the difference with the simple scl I have in my possession was chaotic!
You can feel everything at the wheel, it gives you all the information you need to know if it has a grip when you step off the road and generally gives you all the information you need to understand what happens on the tires and on the road.

Now those who want to make the transition from belt-drive to DD and also do not want to spend 1000€ + csl is the only way.
For me the decision was even easier as I have several things from fanatec.
Now I just have to get a regular rig because the playseat evolution is not particularly suitable for rally as the dd has a longer axis in length and the steering wheel comes close enough.
The only negative for the time being is that it has no screws to put the base on the rig.
If I’m not mistaken DD1 and DD2 only had one screw!

We will come back with a full review of Fanatec CSL DD …

Nikos “Mk2” Tsaknias