A step closer to the target for Jourdan Serderidis in the Safari Rally!

At the 8th place of Safari Rally Kenya is after of the Saturday leg Jourdan Serderidis. In a race, that only 6 cars of Rally1 specs continue with out using superally, the Greek driver took another step towards achieving the target of the top ten.

«“Saturday’s specials were more difficult than the ones we encountered on Friday” were Serderidis’ first words regarding the road condition he encountered and continued: “The rain made our job even more difficult, as the special routes were quite slippery. In fact, at the end of the last special you thought you were driving on ice! ” With a proper strategy and avoiding the risks, the Greek driver managed to get out of the hard specials of the race unscathed, in contrast to several of his opponents who either abandoned or made use ofSuperally: “Fortunately, we avoided mistakes and thanks to my co-driver’s experience, Fred Miclotte, we managed to stay on the road and be in eighth place after the Saturday leg“, Said Serderidis, adding:”In the first two afternoon specials we felt more comfortable with Ford Puma Rally1, we picked up the pace, even surpassing all the cars in the category Rally2, sample of our current performance. We lost, of course, one minute in the last route, stopping to facilitate the effort of the World Champion, Sebastien Ogier, which is normally at a very different pace from ours “

Sunday includes the last six special stages of the race and Jourdan Serderidis seems determined to finish and raise the Greek flag at the finish of the Rally Safari Kenya: “There are six runs left on Sunday to complete the race. We need to stay focused on the goal, be careful and be on the finish ramp. In fact, I would like to keep the 9-time World Champion behind me Sebastien Loeb! I will try!», stated the holder ofWRC Trophy του 2017.

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