🇱🇺 Rallye Lëtzebuerg 2022 through the lens.

After a break of two months back to racing and this time a local race for me. The match unknown to me as I have only watched it once in 2014 and in 2019 only the shakedown. In contrast to Belgium, in Luxembourg as well as in Germany, if you have accreditation, you have more freedom in the special stages.

Friday the program has the shakedown and a walk to the service to spend time. Good entries with many drivers from Belgium with the one of Fernemont standing out who drove for Skoda Luxembourg. The shakedown same as in 2019. I walked a lot, took a lot of photos and the time passed quickly. After the sun burned us back home to find spots since I didn’t have time for recce.

Saturday, I was finally flattened by the pillow and the first pass was the fourth special stage of the race. The program had 5 passes in two different stages. Mediocre photos as well as the points I had chosen. Along with the race, I also did a nice road trip seeing places I hadn’t seen in so many years. At the end I went through the service again to give back the vest from the accreditation and take some pictures of the finish. Next race the Eifel Rally Festival in Germany. A beloved race with historic cars that celebrates 50 years of the WRC this year.