🇪🇸 WRC Rally Catalunya 2022 through the lens.

Heading to the end of the year and after the two consecutive WRC races the schedule had one more race in Europe, that of Spain. Discussions had started from Belgium with friend and WRC photographer Nikos Katikis also known as Rallypixels. So it’s Monday, the week of the race and I’m waiting for him at Barcelona airport. Arriving, he tells me that Haris Klamouris ( GRally )is arriving tomorrow. “Fire triad” for the race as laughter is a given so we will have a good time. Next stop is Salou which is also the center of the race. On Tuesday we do Recce some specials as most of them were known to Nikos as I have only watched the race once more in 2014. On Wednesday we go to the service park to get the accreditations and take out some photographs. In the afternoon, Haris arrives by bus from Barcelona and the team is ready.

Thursday morning we start for the shakedown and unfortunately the weather spoiled us with the rain. The stage was indifferent as it didn’t have many places to take pictures safely and so I preferred to take some pictures mainly from above as we would go to the same place on Sunday since it was the same part of the power stage. Unfortunately, the sun never came out to take better pictures but it could have been worse. Back to Salou for the start which I didn’t go to since I stayed at the hotel.

Friday morning we arrive at the special stage for the first pass with the same weather but luckily no rain. A good spot with a nice view of a village and a good entrance, but unfortunately with the reverse direction since we photographed the cars from behind so that the village is also in the background. A positive also was that you could change several points to have different photos. Return to the car heading for the second pass of the day. In Recce I really liked this particular spot but for some strange reason the crowd spoiled me a bit and combined with the bad weather things didn’t go so well for me.

On Saturday, fortunately, the weather was much better with sun and a lot of people in the stages. Nice spot with fast twists and turns with the people playing a leading role in the photo. Satisfied with the result and we go for the second pass. Crowded on the spot but with accreditation that wasn’t even a problem. Nice spot with a nice background like most spots in the race. The program for me, however, had a third passage as the other guys went to the media zone. Last special of the day was in Salou by the sea. End of the second day and I am happy with the result as everything I had in mind came out.

Sunday we would see a special and then the podium ceremony. Finally, we did the second special of the day and then we decided to do a road section as well. The final destination for the race is the finish with the awards. The winner of the race was Ogier who, after a spectacular but also dangerous entrance to the awarding area, climbed the finish ramp, with his co-driver taking the first victory of his WRC career and Ogier the first in the new Rally 1 category.

Finally, this trip with a lot of laughter, new experiences and nice photos. Rendezvous logically in Belgium with Rallye du Condroz.