🇧🇪Legend Boucles Bastogne 2022 through my lens.

Second race, this time with historic cars. I like this kind of races as due to my age I have not experienced them at the time when they were writing history in the special stages of the races. Usually most of them are replicas but it does not matter when you see them up close.

This particular race gathers mainly local participations but it does not cease to be a nice race with nice special stages. There was no stress for photo points since the maps are published one day before the race. As a result, I photographed what I saw in front of me, which I finally liked as I put a lot of imagination without looking for the impressive passage. I personally like this kind of photography and that is why I stopped the videos. Because a jump and an countersteering can everyone capture in a photo but in the end it is the imagination that makes a photo special.

Fortunately, the weather was good in this race as well. The plan had 4-5 passes as I went to the second special stage of the day. But as the hours passed the fatigue from the Rally van Haspengouw came out and because in this particular race I went more to enjoy I decided to do only 3 passes. In the last passage I decided to take a few shots with the drone for the vlog, something that finally impressed me as my experience is minimal since it was the second time I flew and the first in a race.

Finishing the third and last pass that I had in the program I see that I can catch the night special stage which would be a good opportunity to work with the flashes that I do not have much experience. Unfortunately, after the first 4-5 cars, the special was canceled. Finally, on Sunday I decided not to go for the second day of the race because next week I will be in Belgium again for a race and for the first time I will see up close a new Rally 1 category car.