🇩🇪 Eifel Rallye Festival 2022 through the lens.

After 2019, which was also the last time I saw a rally race in Germany, I decided to go again, but this time for the Eifel Rallye Festival. A favorite race that gets better every year. This year was dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the world championship and is truly a celebration of historic cars.

The race gathered over 150 entries like Stig Blomqvist, Harri Toivonen and Thierry Neuville with his new acquisition, a Peugeot 306 maxi. It is probably the only race that I will visit the service park at least once to see the racing cars up close. Traditionally the race starts with the shakedown on Thursday evening and ends on Saturday. In almost all special stages every year you can see each car 2-3 times and without the time stress the drivers give their best. Of course, the passes are not always at the limit because the cars apart to great history, also have great value.

A big negative is the organization and of course the German marshalls. Rude and abrupt spoil the atmosphere of the match as in Germany the matches have as a system the controlled areas for the spectators. Of course, they provide you with everything, such as parking, food and they try in every way to prevent you from sitting anywhere else in the special stage. It is definitely a race that if you want to take photos or videos you will need to have a lot of patience but if not, just sit with your friends and enjoy the cars that you definitely don’t see often in the races. Next race WRC Ypres in Belgium without the restrictions of COVID this time.